Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome To The Greenhouse

Sunflower Seedlings
Photo by Samantha Simpson via Flickr

Hi, and welcome to The Creativity Greenhouse.

Photo by thumeco via Flickr

The Greenhouse is currently under construction and you will notice regular tweaks. Please keep checking in as things will be starting to sprout very soon.

Grandma in the Garden
Photo by K-Bot via Flickr

I am excited to start on this trip with you as we seek to foster creativity and self-expression in our senior "creativity gardeners." Once we have the dirt, fertilizer, an irrigation system, the warm nurturing sun and some fat mulching earthworms for good measure in place, we'll start to work on our growing season with many seeds of creativity for you to plant among your residents. I'm looking forward to exploring and sharing the endless varieties of creativity found in the seniors we serve as well as learning about your great program ideas.

The Old Yellow Watering Can
Photo by Karen via Flickr

I would also like to have direct input and feedback from you, the Activity Directors all over the map who are planning and implementing an incredible range of programming for our seniors. You may email me directly or comment here (use the "Comments" link at the end of this post) with your ideas, your needs, your suggestions. My hope is that this blog is hosted by me but not totally by me. Each of you are creative, whether you think so or not, and it is my hopes that this blog will provide an opportunity to share your creativity and to highlight your creative residents, facilities, and programs. As we learn ways to nurture the creativity in our seniors, I also desire to nurture your creativity and to refresh your soul as well.

So please, share your thoughts here and check back regularly. Spring is coming!!

Old Boots with a New Life
Photo by Cheryl Binstock via Flickr

Your comments are always welcome in The Creativity Greenhouse because I love to know what you're thinking. Just click on "Comments" below.

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