A Rainbow of Your Own- A colorful project that uses the visible color spectrum that we see in a rainbow. March/St. Patrick's Day, Easter, or color adaptable to any theme or holiday.

We Love Freebies- Check out a couple of resources for freebie coloring pages. One site will even email then directly to you every Friday!

Paper Collages, Part 1- Get out those scissors and let's get busy on a colorful paper strip collage.

Paper Collages, Part 2- Let's take a look at how to adapt our collages for different functional levels.

Watercolor For Cheaters- An easy way to get a watercolor painting without years of art school. Inexpensive, readily available supplies is all it takes. This is one step away from hiding cards up your sleeve.

Starfish Suncatchers- A fun colorful blast from the past. Shrinky Dinks are back!

DIY Magnetic Poetry- Make customizable magnetic poetry that your residents can actually see.